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Breast lift

Breast lift

Factors as pregnancy, breast-feeding, rapid fluctuations of weight and decreased elasticity of skin with age impact the shape and fleshiness of each woman’s breast. This is why the breast lift intervention aims at improving substantially the appearance and shape of the breast. The procedure’s aim is tissue lifting, pre-positioning of the areola and a better shape. It is important to know that the breast lift itself can improve the breast contour but it cannot make it bigger. Solely combining the procedures of lifting and augmentation of the breast with implants can demonstrate such a result.

The problem with drooping breast can be solved either by means of concentric lifting, where the incision is around the areola itself, or by means of a technique, in which an incision is made in the form of the letter T in the area of the inframammary fold and to the nipple. The first solution is chosen when the breast is comparatively small and not very flaccid, and the second - when the drooping is considerable.

The Procedure

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emil Georgiev removes the redundant skin, lifts and models breast with a better shape, which is tight and fleshy. The areolas are positioned at a new, higher level as they can be reduced together with this.

Duration: 60-90 minutes
Anesthesia: Depending on the patient preferences operation is performed under local or general anesthesia. The patient may go home or remain under medical supervision in the clinic.

Recovery period:

Pain: Patient rarely experience any kind of pain, which can be successfully managed by analgesics; slight discomfort for 2-3 days
Bruising: no bruising
Swelling: 4-8 weeks; numbness of surrounding tissues for 8 and more weeks
Bandages & stitches: for 10- 14 days
Daily activities and work: Return to work without physical activity – 7 days, physical work – in 10-14 days
Exercise& Fitness: in 4-8 weeks
Final result: approximately 2-4 months

The preoperative consultation is the first step and at the same time, an important part of the process of construction of your new vision. We will let you into the opportunities and the full potential but also into the limitations of each of the suggested interventions. We will analyze your face and body and listen to your desires because everybody has his/her own aesthetical ideas, individual wishes and aims. Our main priority will always be to achieve the cherished appearance which would give you an impulse and inspiration for daily triumphs and self-confidence inspiring respect.

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