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Ear correction

Ear correction

Children and adults in which ears stand aside from the head are recommended such an intervention also called otoplastic. The procedure is most often reduced to bringing lopped ears tight to the head or reduction of the cochlea. There is no specified age for this operation. After the age of 4 when ears are almost completely formed a similar correction can be undertaken and in this way the feelings of the children can be prevented from the mockery of their peers. By means of the most novel techniques for modeling of the cartilage our patients enjoy perfect results in which ears are brought tight to the head in a maximum natural manner. The overall result is splendid and in some cases the change is so big that the close people cannot recognize you during your new meeting. At Nefertiti Clinic we also implement successful reconstruction of ears missing by birth or as a result of a serious injury.

The Procedure

By means of a small incision behind each ear, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emil Georgiev models the ear cartilage and brings the ears tight to the head.

Duration: 45-60 minutes
Anesthesia: Depending on the patient preferences operation is performed under local or general anesthesia. The patient may go home or remain under medical supervision in the clinic.

Recovery period:

Pain: Patients rarely experience any kind of pain, which can be successfully managed by analgesics; slight discomfort for 2-3 days
Bruising: no bruising
Swelling: 3-6 weeks; numbness of surrounding tissues for 6 and more weeks
Bandages & stitches: for 5- 7 days
Daily activities and work: Return to work – in 7 days
Exercise& Fitness: in 3-4 weeks
Final result: approximately 2-3 months

The preoperative consultation is the first step and at the same time, an important part of the process of construction of your new vision. We will let you into the opportunities and the full potential but also into the limitations of each of the suggested interventions. We will analyze your face and body and listen to your desires because everybody has his/her own aesthetical ideas, individual wishes and aims. Our main priority will always be to achieve the cherished appearance which would give you an impulse and inspiration for daily triumphs and self-confidence inspiring respect.

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