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IPL Skin Rejuvenation

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Time, atmospheric influence, entertainment and stress in our everyday life set an imprint on the vitality and appearance of the skin, making it look aged and faded. Exposure to the sun, the basic cause of skin discomfort speeds-up that process. In the recent years the scientists discovered new methods for management of such skin discomfort.

Here we draw your attention to an exciting technology for treatment of a wide range of skin problems - Intense Pulsed IPL Photorejuvenation, which successfully influences the fine lines and pores, slight wrinkles, pigmentation, freckles, rosacea symptoms, punctured capillaries and hemangiomas. With a single gentle and non-invasive treatment uniform complexion, fresher looks, young and elastic skin are achieved, and this is with no recovery period, as with aesthetic surgery or the forms of pealing.

The therapy is based on the property of the tissues to maximally absorb certain wavelengths; the energy may be very precisely dosed, in order to minimize the recovery period. The light pulse parameters are controlled with a computer, the wavelength of the beam is from 500 to 1200 nm. Only the problematic zones are destructed in depth without injuring the surrounding tissues. The depth of penetration and the energy dose are regulated in accordance with individual needs, problem type and skin type. In the ccourse of the therapy the light influence provokes intensive excretion of collagen in the skin. Thus on the one hand problematic zones, such as taches, punctured capillaries and rosacea are removed, and on the other hand the effect of skin rejuvenation is achieved within the same procedure. The higher collagen concentration in the skin is the natural prerequisite for younger and tighter skin. Thus after the stimulating influence of IPL-therapy, the facial and neck skin is revitalized "from inside".

One treatment procedure lasts about 20 minutes, 2 - 4 repetitions are recomended with time intervals of 2 to 4 weeks in between.

The end effect of the series of procedures represents a sum of the individual interventions, and the final results of the rejuvenation therapy might be expected several months later. It is necessary to protect the treated section from direct sunlight exposure and solarium one month before and after each of the individual procedures. If you want to join the numerous group of those who wish to obliterate the slight imperfections of their face or body, if for you the appearance is unrepealed priority and you share the maxim, that the present day belongs to those who take good care of themselves and look well, then the IPL therapy, provided by the specialists from Nefertiti Clinic will charge you with energy and high spirits.